Why Buy a Quality Pram for My premature baby?

Having children means your home will be filled with new furniture such as changing tables, cribs, walkers, highchairs, pushchairs, as well as baby clothing, bottles, toys and so much more! One item that will be used over and again, for at least three years will be the baby buggy.  When looking to purchase your child’s pram, make sure that you never sacrifice quality over price. If you want your child to be comfortable and safe in its stroller, then you need to think twice before purchasing a cheap pram, stroller, or other buggy.

Today there are many different type of strollers available which gives you, the parent, many options to choose from that will suit your lifestyle and budget.  Purchasing a stroller is not easy and will take some time and thinking figuring out if it is perfect for you and your child. You will first have to figure what kind of a buggy you want; regular, double, umbrella, jogging, complete travel system, lightweight, or another type. Other things to look for in a good pram is the wheels and handles, safety/straps, storage capacity, cleaning options, and a canopy option, if it has a cover to protect your child from rain, wind, sun or other weather conditions. With a good quality pram you will have:

-A sturdy seatbelt that will prevent your child from falling out or unstrapping themselves.

-Good quality breaks that will not allow your stroller to roll down or move when in use.

-The pram should be easy to maneuver with one hand so look for a stroller where the front and rear wheels can easily swirl.

-Adjustable seat is a must for premature and new babies. Your infant must lay flat in the stroller until they can lift and support themselves.

-A good quality pram will have under the seat basket for extra storage or even a cup holder for your coffee or tea.

-Easy fold and store capacity is ideal for small apartments and homes. Fast folding options are also great when you are getting on and off the bus or other transportation.

-Your child will dirty your pram and there is no way around it so make sure that the fabric is washable and removable for easy clean.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, then look for strollers that come with a complete set such as a car seat, a pram, and a lightweight stroller seat or other seats that you can use when the child is able to sit on their own. If money is of no options, then make sure to first purchase a good quality pram that will support your infant and allow for ample space for them to lie down. If you have a premature baby, a good quality pram will allow your child to mature and grow into a strong, developed child. When it comes to your children, money should not be an option; their quality and safety should be the main priority!