Electric Breast Pump - Dual Silicone Breastfeeding Pump Natural Comfort Build-in Battery from LiTianUK

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My Prem Baby are proud to present the fantastic Electric Breast Pump - Dual Silicone Breastfeeding Pump Natural Comfort Build-in Battery.

With so many available today, it is good to have a name you can recognise. The Electric Breast Pump - Dual Silicone Breastfeeding Pump Natural Comfort Build-in Battery is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase.

For this reduced price, the Electric Breast Pump - Dual Silicone Breastfeeding Pump Natural Comfort Build-in Battery is widely recommended and is always a popular choice for most people. LiTianUK have added some excellent touches and this means great value for money.

  • 【High Efficiency】 -The design of the dual electric pump allows powerful pump pressure, which can produce more milk in less time
  • 【Free Adjustable Mode】 - Our breastmilk pump mimics the baby's natural sucking and has 9 levels that you can adjust. You can easily regulate the suction power, adjust the strength and say goodbye to chest pain
  • 【LCD Screen & Low Volume】 -The special design of the electric breast pump allows you to see the screen clearly at night. The noise level is so low that your baby's or family's sleep will not be disturbed (INPUT: 5V / 1A)
  • 【Massage cushion Stimulates milk flow】 - The soft pillow of the nursing pump mimics the baby's lips, giving your breast enough massage to express more milk comfortably and relaxing
  • 【Hygienic & Built-in Battery】 -The pump's closed-system diaphragm provides anti-back flow protection which separate the milk and air. BPA free. FDA approved. The battery can last for two hours

Are you face problems such as less milk, engorgement, or no breast milk reserve and so on?
We understand new mother is not an easy job, especially for breast feeding mother.
But, our double electronic breast pump is here for you! 

Why use an electric breast pump?
Electric breast pumps express your milk quickly. Ease and efficiency are the two main reasons why mums choose an electric breast pump.
If you want to express often, maybe because you are returning to work, or you are feeding twins.
You may prefer an electric breast pump. An electric pump allows you to extract more milk in less time, which is useful when you're a busy mum.
Top-end electric pumps are a popular choice for moms who return to work full- time or are frequently away from their baby and can't nurse regularly. 

What are the pros of electric Double breast pumps?
Require less effort to use than manual pumps
Faster than other methods of expressing milk
More comfortable for you because they offer multiple settings
Offer you more choices, with models including hospital-grade pumps and double breast pumps
Offer you flexibility, as hospital grade pumps can be hired

Two phases pumping: massage & express 
Massage phase: 1-5 adjustable levels of high frequency with weak suction stimulate milk production. 
Breast-express phase: 1-9 adjustable levels of low frequency with strong suction effectively collect breastmilk. 

1.Wash your hands before using the product. 
2.While using, please relax your whole body and choose the most comfortable posture to express. 
3.Please remember to turn off the electronic pump after finish. 

Milk bottle *2
Pump body *2
Nipple *2
LCD screen host *1
USB Charging Cable *1
Connecting Pipe *2
Dust Cover *2
User manual *1