Hippy Chick Wilkinet Organic Cotton Sling

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We are currently presenting the extremeley popular Hippy Chick Wilkinet Organic Cotton Sling for a slashed price. Don't pass it over - buy the Hippy Chick Wilkinet Organic Cotton Sling online today!

  • The Wilkinet holds your baby onto and against your upper body. The Wilkinet works like a wraparound shawl but without the parent being engulfed in wide bands of cloth. Wide well-padded shoulder straps and unique wraparound method of tying. Ensures evenly distributed weight with no dragging on your neck, shoulders or back.
  • Cushioned head, back and leg support for your baby. In the early weeks when you carry your baby facing in on the front the Wilkinet will cuddle your new baby snugly and firmly, supporting under its bottom and thighs, and providing support for his/her back and head as if being held in your arms.
  • No rings, zips, clips or buckles.Nothing to break and render your Wilkinet useless (one happy user reported using the Wilkinet for herself, friends and family for 10 babies over 12 years!).
  • Certified fairtrade and organic cotton grown in India. Our supplier offers the farmer a price that more than covers the cost of production, but beyond that, they work towards reducing production costs, and increasing profits for the farmers.
  • Dyed at an environmentally friendly facility in Pondicherry (India), which has a municipal effluent plant for all waste water. The main byproduct is salt - this is pumped back into the sea - not onto farmlands or into rivers. The dyes are non-azo reactive dyes and do not contain any heavy metals.

The Wilkinet Baby Carrier was designed by Sally Wilkins when necessity became the mother of invention. The Wilkinet gently cocoons a 5lb newborn baby yet is strong enough to carry a chunky toddler.It is extremely versatile, the newborn can be snuggled up against your body, the three-month plus baby can face outwards, and the heavier or older baby can be worn on your hip, or back.