Maria Jane Child Safety Car Sun Shades Choose Your Darkness Double The Sun Shades Black Pack Of 4 by Maria Jane

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We are happy to stock the excellent Maria Jane Child Safety Car Sun Shades Choose Your Darkness Double The Sun Shades Black Pack Of 4.

With so many on offer today, it is good to have a name you can trust. The Maria Jane Child Safety Car Sun Shades Choose Your Darkness Double The Sun Shades Black Pack Of 4 is certainly that and will be a excellent buy.

For this price, the Maria Jane Child Safety Car Sun Shades Choose Your Darkness Double The Sun Shades Black Pack Of 4 is highly recommended and is always a popular choice for lots of people. Maria Jane have provided some nice touches and this equals good value.

  • Unique Car Blind Darkness if its ever too hot in the car or your child is especially sensitive to the sun and UV rays with child safety in mind we have designed your sunshade to suit you. Simply place 2 sun blinds in 1 suction cup to instantly increase the darkness of the sun shade, half the heat and UV rays further and stop them from entering the car immediately
  • Reduce Heat and UV rays immediately Your window sun shades are perfect for keeping the heat out and protecting the occupant in the car from harmful UV rays. Car sun shades will reduce all rays from entering the car whilst at the same time allowing you to still see out. The perfect gift for anyone looking to protect their pets, friends, family from UV rays
  • Strong Suction Cups with Quick Release When you purchase sunshades for your car you will receive 8 suction cups and 4 sun shades. With a quick release function not only will you be able to secure the suction cup to the window without the risk of them coming off. When you need to take them off we have installed a function to lift the suction cup up allowing enough air to enter and the easily allow the suction cup to come free, in seconds
  • Easy Installation, retract the size of your sun shades for car windows to a 7 x 7 centimeter size, making it easy to transport from one location to another. Within 30 seconds be set up with your sun shades attached to the window, by attaching the suction cups either side of the shade and applying to a clean and dry surface they will be up and ready to use
  • Lifetime Guarentee If at anytime you experience problems with your car window shade, buy with confidence knowing you have a lifetime hassle free guarantee

Flexible and Portable - Children can easily destroy things if we are not careful, your sun shades (as shown in the pictures) are robust when not in use can easily be contracted into a small 7 centimeters x 7 centimeters circle to carry in your bag whilst on the move. Suction Cups - all customers receive strong suction cups, as you will find as an adult you can pull them off with a little struggle, however babies / young children wont. To install simply place your thumb in the suction cup and your index finger directly opposite on top of the clip. Squeeze your index finger and thumb together and you will see the clips open, (please see pictures) insert the sun shade neatly within and release allowing the clip to hold the sun shade in place. Double Up - Benefit from the ability to enter 2 sun shades to fit into 1 clip, therefore doubling the darkness instantly. Please note they are not designed to do so it may take a little effort to insert the both. Quick Release - as you will see in the pictures the suctions cups have a thin plastic line from the top to the base, by applying pressure upward when removing, the suctions cup will allow a little air to enter which will allow the suctions cup to come off with less difficultly. Your sun shades allow you to use 2 sun shades in 1 suction cup, so you have full control on how dark your child / babies requirements are.What's included : 4 x Maria Jane Sun Shades 8 x Suction Cups Caution suction cups are the approx size of a 50p coin - keep out of reach of small children and animals. NOTICE - in transit your suction cups may appear to be a different shape. Before use place in warm water for 1 minute.