Multi-mam Balm from BIOCLIM BV

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My Prem Baby are happy to offer the excellent Multi-mam Balm.

With so many on offer today, it is great to have a brand you can recognise. The Multi-mam Balm is certainly that and will be a great acquisition.

For this great price, the Multi-mam Balm is highly respected and is a popular choice with most people. BIOCLIM BV have added some excellent touches and this results in great value.

  • A unique product which, unlike other breastfeeding creams, protects nipples while it heals and soothes cracks and sores. Also works as a preventative
  • Multi-Mam Balm is non-sticky and easily absorbed by the nipple skin. It does not leave any taste or smell and is absolutely safe when swallowed by the baby. This is why it does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding and thus offers its direct protection also during breastfeeding itself.
  • This unique product is based on a selection of vegetable oils that offer the metabolic precursors for the skin lipids such as the sterols and prostaglandins. A distinct feature is the presence of squalene, an essential component of the human sebum, in an effective percentage.
  • Protects the nipple before and during breastfeeding. For the care of dry and sensitive nipples, offers direct relief and keeps the skin soft, supple and healthy. Based on a selection of vegetable oils. Multi-Mam does not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding. Contains no chemicals or preservatives

Multi-MamĀ® is an effective range of products for the prevention and treatment of sore, cracked nipples associated with breastfeeding. Multi-MamĀ® is not sticky and is pleasant to use, having a soothing, cooling effect. And as it is natural, it does not need to be removed prior to feeding, it is completely safe for infants if swallowed.