Three Packs Of Milton Sterilising Tablets 28 Tablets from Milton

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Milton is all you need to protect your baby and home from harmful germs and bacteria. Warm, moist conditions and traces of leftover milk inside your baby's bottle are ideal breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause diarrhoea and thrush. Boiling or microwaving your baby's bottles is not enough to destroy certain bacteria. And exposing the bottles to the air after sterilisation merely results in recontamination. By using Milton sterilising tablets you, destroy even the hardiest bacteria and prevent recontamination . Milton is bacteria's natural enemy. Milton also has numerous uses around the house: helps flowers retain their freshness removes stains on white fabrics disinfects drains, dustbins, toilets etc. Removes tea and coffee stains from crockery. Removes mildew from shower curtains. Can be safely used to clean bird and animal cages, food and drinking bowls. Wiping down of all contaminated surfaces: kitchen counters, chopping boards, fridges, nappy changing areas, exercise equipment, foot spas, beauty salon plinths and medical examination beds. Milton is effective against: rotavirus. An air borne virus passed on from person to person disease-causing bacteria such as: campylobacter. The most common type of food poisoning. Often contracted from cats and dogs salmonella. Often due to undercooked foods listeria. From poor hand washing e coli 0157. From raw meat and often passed on from not washing hands after the toilet bacterial spores. Bacteria in a dormant (non-active) state Candida. A fungus that causes thrush in babies. Ingredients Active Ingredient: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (CAS: 2893-78-9): 19.5 percent m/m.