Uptown Mum Cotton Baby Wrap Sling Carrierwhite by Uptown Mum

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My Prem Baby are proud to offer the brilliant Uptown Mum Cotton Baby Wrap Sling Carrierwhite.

With so many available today, it is wise to have a brand you can recognise. The Uptown Mum Cotton Baby Wrap Sling Carrierwhite is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this great price, the Uptown Mum Cotton Baby Wrap Sling Carrierwhite comes widely recommended and is a regular choice for most people. Uptown Mum have provided some excellent touches and this results in great value for money.

  • No padding between you and baby- he feels soothed by the skin to skin contact and your heartbeat
  • You can discreetly breastfeed on the go
  • There are no clasps or buckles to fiddle with
  • Avoid the "public transport with a buggy" nightmare!
  • Slings provide a better "seat" for baby, as opposed to carriers which dangle baby by the crotch.

With a slight stretch this is ideal for newborns and premature babies as the stretch allows mum to get used to wearing baby in the sling, and baby feels more snuggled against mums chest! Dimensions 5m by 50cm. Comes with a storage pouch and instructions on how to wear the sling, and you are also welcome to go to the above website for step by step instructions and tutorials. There are many different ways to wear baby in this sling, as shown in the pictures. Whilst each picture shows a different method, all methods can be used for all slings. One size fits all, no clasps or buckles. Because it is a wrap you dont even have to take it off when you arrive at your destination, pop baby out, and back in when you need to go. Unlike conventional carriers the weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders, back and torso. This sling is ideal for parents with back problems, mums who want to breastfeed discreetly on the go, and parents who live in apartments (no need to drag buggy up and down stairs!) Babies feel so comfortable being in the sling (it resembles the womb as baby is once again in tune with mums breathing, temperature, heartbeat, combined with the rocking motion of mum walking) that they will usually fall asleep within minutes of being in there. Well until they grow older and want to look at everything...