Xcellent Global Baby Wrap Ring Baby Sling Baby Carrier borns To 44lbs20kg Hg121u from Xcellent Global

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My Prem Baby are proud to stock the fantastic Xcellent Global Baby Wrap Ring Baby Sling Baby Carrier borns To 44lbs20kg Hg121u.

With so many available today, it is great to have a brand you can trust. The Xcellent Global Baby Wrap Ring Baby Sling Baby Carrier borns To 44lbs20kg Hg121u is certainly that and will be a excellent buy.

For this reduced price, the Xcellent Global Baby Wrap Ring Baby Sling Baby Carrier borns To 44lbs20kg Hg121u is widely respected and is always a popular choice for most people. Xcellent Global have included some great touches and this results in great value.

  • MAKE IT THE WAY YOU WANT: The ring sling makes a deep pocket that allows for a more comfortable fit for baby and a better grip on baby's legs. Most moms find it with less slipping problem for squirmy babies. Position your baby any way you want; upright or lying down, in front, on your hip or behind your back. Ideal for hands-free cuddles, getting things done with your baby.
  • BABY IS SAFE AND SOUND: No need to worry whether your baby is in a safe position. Your ring sling is rigorously tested super strong and ABS plastic steel rings have been tested to carry babies up to 44lbs/20kg. Its double ring design allows super fast adjustment for babies and toddlers of all sizes.
  • ERGONIMICALLY DESIGNED: This ring sling was designed to give extreme comfort for baby and mom. Unlike other carriers, the ring sling supports your baby in their most natural upright or resting position, so they can be comfortable and settled for long period of time. Strategically created to distribute most of the baby's weight across your back and off your shoulders
  • MULTIPLE USE - This wrap can be used as a sling, carrier, breastfeeding cover, or blanket swaddle. Carry, cover, or swaddle your infant or toddler more easily and comfortable, hands-free.
  • EASY STORAGE AND CLEAN: Made of 100% Polyester, quick dry, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, durable and easy to carry around. It is compact enough to be stored in your handbag without any burdon. Cleaning it is a breeze. Just throw it in a washing bag and straight in your washing machine.


Babies who are carried in close contact with their parents cry an average of 40-50% less than babies who are not carried. Perfect for colicky babies! Wraps are often the most popular choice for parents with newborns up to about 5 months. Research shows babywearing is the safest way to carry your child. It promotes the bonding and attachment essential for your baby's emotional development.You can take your baby hiking, or hold her/him when you are working around the house or outside. This Baby Carrier makes excellent shower gift & present.

Main Features:

* Skin-to-skin interaction between you and your newborn promotes a warmer, more holistic development leading to happier and smarter babies.
* Made from 100% Polyester. Breathable and allergy free. Suitable for your baby's sensitive skin. Rings are made from 100% ABS plastic steel and have past professional SGS test.
* Gives you hands-free convenience while knowing your baby is close, safe and comfortable. Free to choose among many comfortable positions such as side, lay down, face front for your baby.
* Ergonomical design and calculated weight distribution make it easy on your back and shoulder, avoid straining the neck. Therefore, it allows you to carry and bond with your baby for longer hours.
* The baby carrier eliminates your breastfeeding worries. Feeding time can be done anywhere and anytime. Privacy is never an issue as it also works as a nursing cover.

Product Specification:

Gross Weight: 275g
Dimension: L*W 200*70cm/6.6*2.3ft
Material: 100% Polyester
Ring Material: 100% ABS, super stable